Stories in Ivybridge

Holidays, Devon, birds

Twit twooo!

by Adrian Tribe

Ivybridge — The screeching one evening while on holiday was quite distinctive, and persistent. We could hear it from indoors, so we ventured out in the dark to explore, and were rewarded with the sight of two ba...

Devon, Holidays, Insects

A Beautiful Demoiselle

by Adrian Tribe

Ivybridge — Here’s a male “Beautiful Demoiselle” damselfly, spotted sunning himself next to a stream just outside Modbury in south Devon. The photograph doesn’t really do it justice, partly because of my photogr...

Devon, Vacation, Holidays

Relax, breathe, unwind...

by Adrian Tribe

Ivybridge — Perhaps it’s because I commute into the hustle and bustle of central London every day, contending with great crowds of people on the train, at the station, in the streets between the station and my of...

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