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The funny thing about depression...

by Elisa Adams

Leigh-on-sea — is that it will always surprise you when the lows hit. A trip to the supermarket isn’t something that should cause panic but then suddenly caught between the avocados and an iceberg lettuce your world crumbles from beneath your feet, breathing is hard and you feel as though you’ll never reach the eggs let alone normal life. Sitting watching a ballet this evening (something which would usually ela...

work, motivation, New Beginnings

& so the drawn out process of applications and CVs begins...

by Elisa Adams

Leigh-on-sea — The decision to make oneself unemployed in a time when a lot of people are losing their jobs through redundancy may not have been the brightest idea I’ve ever had. However, I knew that after the years...

Creativity, community, Ideas

Then & now.

by Elisa Adams

Leigh-on-sea — For the past hour we had been making polite conversation. Discussing ideas that may or may not come to fruition but it was just nice to get them out there. To breathe. To let go for a little while. “...

Life, failure, Valentine's Day

Today is a big day for me full of expectation, excitement anticipation and new beginnings

by Elisa Adams

Leigh-on-sea — Friday 14th 2014. A day of flowers, saccharine cards and proclamations of love. Also the day of my first driving test. Did I pass? No, I didn’t. Does it matter? No, it does not. Though had you asked m...

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