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Travel, shadows, fog

Into the mist we go!

by Paul B

Liverpool — I was on my way into work early one morning, running late as usual but you have to take these opportunities. Fortunately I had time to take the picture and still make it onto the train! This scene reminded me of one of my favourite Woody Allen films, Shadows & Fog.

silence, Reading, library

Inside the newly renovated Picton Reading Room.

by Paul B

Liverpool — The picture here was taken in the ‘Picton Reading Room’ of Liverpool’s recently renovated Central Library and features a bust of Sir James Picton, who campaigned to have the library built and be the f...

writing, Pencil, stationary

On Writing In Pencil.

by Paul B

Liverpool — After a brief dalliance with the world of the fountain pen, which was pleasing at times if a little messy, I am now enjoying the wonderful simplicity of the humble pencil. Why the switch? I purchased...

vinyl, lP, music

Extended playing!

by Paul B

Liverpool — Every now and then there is an album or a piece of music you come across and you listen to it once then the album gets put away cos you just didn’t click with it. This is one of those albums for me! ...

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