Stories in Norwich

Holidays, lighthouse

A proper lighthouse

by Adrian Tribe

Norwich — This lighthouse, in Happisburgh on the North Norfolk coast (not in Norwich, as suggested above), is exactly how a lighthouse should look, in my ever-so-humble opinion. Red and white stripes seem trad...

Holidays, Plants

GLAd tidings from Happisburgh!

by Adrian Tribe

Norwich — As we approached the bend in the lane on our way back to our holiday caravan from Cart Gap, near Happisburgh, North Norfolk, we all caught sight of the field of blue to our left. “Wow! What is that??...

Leaving a town behind

I went to take a leisurely stroll around the lake on the campus on my very last day in Norwich city.

by Lilian Budianto

Norwich — I was walking down the uneven ground with a friend and we took a rest on a bench that faces the lake. The serene moment and the quaint wooden pier captivated me. I reached out for my phone and snapped...

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