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I drove him to school today.

by Laura Fisher

Ann arbor — Drove the cub to school this morning. Not for precipitation’s sake, nor lack of suitable temperature. No, he just let his hibernation hang on a few minutes too long. Came home to a garage full of raking morning light and the cub’s trusty steed left stationary in its stall. I don’t begrudge him the ride to school; not in the least. The chances for me to provide that particular sort of motherly lov...

Snow, Winter

It's in the middle of April and it snowed here in Michigan... We're in an ice age, aren't we?

by Kazie Satoh

Ann arbor — It was near 70 deg. F last weekend. The trails finally got dry and I went for the first spring ride this season. And now we have this only a few days later…


It's been snowing. Again.

by Laura Fisher

Ann arbor — This winter has been relentless. Snow on the ground since December, temps haven’t been above freezing in a month. When the polar vortex first descended, people stayed indoors. Restaurants and downtow...

chaos, Tornado, Prose

The sirens came abruptly. It was one in the morning and the window by our bed was still open.

by Russell Schindler

Ann arbor — Rain came spilling through the mesh screen that separated us from the madness outside. The thunder and lightning seemed to run on an endless loop. We sunk deeper into the bed, hid further and further ...

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