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I know now that love and creation are the same thing

by Janet Yeh

Asheville — Inside a tiny gallery in Asheville, a Japanese artist makes teacups. They are grotesque and avant-garde, and I get right away that I won’t be able to make these after six weeks in Intermediate Pottery class. Some have jagged edges and scores cut into them, and others are lacquered to look like birch bark. Meandering slowly through quiet wooden shelves, my initial disinterest turns into intrigue. ...


Oktoberfest solo is interesting. People watching is almost shamefully good when the city is drunk by noon.

by Allan Lazenby

Asheville — “Oh, my…I’m so sorry. I really wish there was some way for you to find someone to go with you. It’s such a shame!” This is usually the response you get when you mention to anyone that you’ll be f...

Registration at Asheville High.

by David Lindrum

Asheville — My 14 year old registered for high school today. Up till now, she’s been home-schooled. And I’ve worked from home since she was born. For 14 years we’ve learned, worked, played, designed, colored and ...

Selecting dinner

by David Lindrum

Asheville — EarthFare is a microcosm of Asheville: the aisles are filled with people from a variety of different cultures, paying a little more for things created with a little more attention to how their made an...

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