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Pain, abandonment, adopted

The joy of seeing your bio mom for the first time, and the pain.

by Elena Hazzard

Bend — I held the phone in my hand, her voice coming in over the speakers in crackly silence. “Hello?” She asked. My voice wavered. “Hi, this is Elena.” I said, and she gasped. We hadn’t talked for ten years, in fact, the last time she heard my voice I could only wail and make gurbling sounds. We talked for what seemed like forever, but in reality, it was only two minutes. She was busy, she was busy then...

Wonder, sad, Love

Wondering if she misses me

by Elena Hazzard

Bend — I wonder if she misses me. I wonder if she knows I missed her. We used to email every day, during every class, until the last secound at night, and the first secounds into the morning. She was my girl...

Why are people so drama oriented?

by Elena Hazzard

Bend — I’m sitting on my chair in math class, emails pouring in through my IPad. “I can’t believe she did that” “That’s so rude” and it goes on and on. Why are people so drama oriented, because we have noth...

I remember receiving this paticular pencil on my first day of second grade, in my shiny, brand new classroom...

by Kimberly Markley

Bend — where shy Mrs. Stubbs reigned supreme. Those were the days I would deliberately break my pencil so I could procrastinate assignments by standing in line to use the pencil sharpener. Today I found it i...

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