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Look Past the Lights

by Colin Wright

Boise — There was a time when I would tell anyone who’d listen that I was an artist, not a designer. After a shift in my university major, from painter to designer, I would tell folks that, yes, I design things, but I don’t write about them. I soon took on a part-time job as a newspaper columnist, and started telling people I was more comfortable working behind the scenes. Hiding wasn’t an option after ...


Baking pitas

by Vosco R

Boise — Baking pitas is a winter tradition for me and The Pixie. This is the first year that The Butterfly has been able to participate, though still very limited. Once the dough is ready, it is a lot of rol...

Goodnight sweet digital nothings.

by Vosco R

Boise — As the end draws near, we ponder the loss of digital spaces. The magic of sharing, and saving a piece of the vast small moments. To ride along in someone’s pocket and share their experiences. What d...


A Tuesday on the Bus

by Vosco R

Boise — Sometimes the cast of characters is different but the show is the same. I like riding the bus. I don’t have to focus on driving and I can read or work on writing. The route can be long sometimes but ...

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