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I was supposed to see a movie.

by Matt Policastro

Cincinnati — She didn’t show up. I sat for a while, then I walked for a while, then I sat for another while. A woman asked me about parking, complimented me on my beard. I kept my windbreaker on for the distant rumbling and foul-looking sky, despite the sweat starting to roll down my back. I passionately stared at Twitter as a beautiful woman walked by. I tried meditating, but that didn’t do much. People wer...

Museums, Dating

I stand on the curb."Am I supposed to open the door for you? Are you disabled?"

by Shannon Johnson

Cincinnati — My face burns. He’s smiling. Is he an asshole? Is he teasing me? Are those different? “My hands are numb. And I do need help up.” He comes around, 6’3” and silly, a 72% match, a Virgo in a big black t...

reflection, Discovery, Street Walks

Walking to a free open-air concert, I stopped to look up...

by Ruth Jeffries

Cincinnati — After finally finding a parking spot off the beaten path I started walking to the free open-air concert held on Fountain Square. In a unnecessary rush, I looked around for the street names at the near...

I made mole.

by Matt Policastro

Cincinnati — And I burnt it. To be fair, it was my first time, but all the lovely subtleties were lost to the garrulous presence of smoke and my own disappointment. To spare my sleeping family, I brought the blen...

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