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Bathroom wall

by Kinley Borden

Ewing township — A collection of found objects decorates a wall of my bathroom. Some are mundane parking stubs from Manhattan garages I admired for the stark typography. Others are cards for clubs. My favorites are cards taken from phone booths (remember those?) on my visits to London and Brighton— advertising hookers and taxi cabs. Great copy: ‘New Girls Every Night’, ‘£1 Tequilas’, ‘Luxury bedrooms’… I designed...

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The robot keeps watch over me.

by Kinley Borden

Ewing township — Ahhh, my work space, awash with the glow of the screen. I keep a toy robot atop the tower as a reminder to take none of this (art direction) too seriously. -He- can be a bit intimidating but I negated...

Adventure, Friends

One Fine Day In August

by Kinley Borden

Ewing township — You know, some times you just accept. Fo a long time now, since I lost my job as an art director in ’08, money has been non extant. I am even on ‘Obama care’. Pretty much I pay the mortgage and that’s...

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Sparkle Boots

by Kinley Borden

Ewing township — With hours to go until last night’s Madonnathon, Gabe- my friend, a dancer and choreographer- had to bedazzle the boots he and the other male backup dancer were going to wear (for ‘Vogue’). Turns out ...

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