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the process of “catching up” was no longer valid

by Daniel Chow

Kennett square — Artist Dina Brodsky said, “this process of ‘catching up’ was no longer valid for me.” It was therefore somewhat of a shock to discover a few years ago that this process of “catching up” was no longer valid for me. There is still more to learn, and more to discover, and always will be, but the need to frantically catch up to something, or someone, who knew more than I did was artificial, and proba...

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I had a dream that I was looking up to the night sky

by Daniel Chow

Kennett square — I saw stars, but they were not stars, they were flying vehicles. Maybe in the millions. I then realized that I was on another planet. The civilization’s technology was exceedingly more advance then ou...

Art, space

nothing is stationary

by Daniel Chow

Kennett square — over 30 years ago my high school friend called me an idiot and an imbecile because I told him that our solar system is not stationary. I suggested to him that as one of the results of the “Big Bang”, ...

painting, Still life, Art

value study of ripen pear, oil on canvas, 6 x 9, 2014

by Daniel Chow

Kennett square — Prior to this painting, i did a color still life painting of a different pear. when my art instructor, Neilson Carlin, saw my black and white photo of that other painting, he challenged me to paint a ...

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