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impermanence, los gatos, Lake

From the moment I came across hi..

by Vy Lê

Milpitas — I wanted to write something on this site. Yet, I had never blogged nor do I post very much even on facebook or yelp. I didn’t identify as a writer, having been a math major in college. I hardly even r...


Has it really been that long!?

by Carlos Araya

Milpitas — We were classmates since elementary school back in Chile (we graduated in 1992). I last saw them (before last night) in 1999. I’ve avoided going back to Chile for a varitey of reasons, most of them h...

Made me think a lot about courage and insanity and how the two are not much different

by Carlos Araya

Milpitas — I’ve always been impressed by Chris Guillebeau. When I saw his offer in Quarterly I pretty much jumped into it. The tube has a hand printed lithography of the idea character (Japanese, I think), the ...

weekend music has been a really weird mix, more of the same for the rest of the week

by Carlos Araya

Milpitas — Duran Duran, Lifehouse, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Armin, Tiesto and Santana… Yes, I’ve been told my taste in music is “eclectic”. I wonder if that’s the polite way of saying weird

Today is I e of the days where I don't know if I want to stay or I want to gi

by Carlos Araya

Milpitas — Not gi, go…

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