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It was amazing--or disturbing--how much time he spent erasing the evidence of what he just did.

by Matthew Latkiewicz

Oakland — When he did something of which he was ashamed—and he was doing those types of things more and more—he immediately set about destroying all evidence of that thing. He did not imagine he was alone in this—people snuck cigarettes and porn and cupcakes and liquor and did unspeakable things to animals—but like death, heartbreak, and childbirth, shame was one those human emotions everyone experience...


by Robin Sloan

Oakland — Oliveto Cafe is a gem. It’s almost hidden, even though it’s on such a big prominent corner: overshadowed by Market Hall’s great bustling façades on both sides, and by big brother Oliveto (non-Cafe) ab...


Self Conscious

by Ed Nanale

Oakland — I have always strived to be fully aware of who I am for myself, who I am for those close to me, and who I am for the world. I definitely have a lot more practicing to get there, but I my goal is to b...

music, The very worst whiskey i've ever tasted

Noise Pop 2014. El Ten Eleven.

by Zoelle Egner

Oakland — The tag is not an exaggeration. I’ve had many a whiskey in my life, you know. Rye, Bourbon, Scotch of all regions. Plastic bottles AND glass. I’m an equal opportunity drinker. The point was cheap. I w...

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