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ideas for a better world, Accessibility, Things We Take for Granted

Experienced the world in a whole new way today. People, we have some work to do.

by Lisa Leon

Reno — There are many instances in life for which we take things for granted. The ability to be mobile and gain access to desired areas isn’t something the majority of us think about. However, for those whose mobility depends on the use of a wheelchair, deciding how to get from point A to point B is a constant struggle. In a class assignment I was tasked with the challenge to travel all around the ...

Thoughts, Accessibility, ideas for a better world

Accessibility to outdoor developed areas is crucial to parenting as a person with a disability.

by Scott Youngs

Reno — Having equal access to all aspects of community life is essential for everyone. It is extremely essential for people with disabilities trying to keep up with life. Communities need to do a much better...

Just a test, but let's tell the story of our built barriers with this tool

by George McKinlay

Reno — looks interesting. It’s not about telling a whole story but about combining position with meaningful photos. The picture was of the sidewalk on my street, lifted 4” by roots and ignored by all. ...

Urban renewal and accesibility improvements are interrelated activities—unless you live in Reno…Sadly.

by George McKinlay

Reno — The multi-family building boom around the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) could be a great opportunity to enhance the lives of all Reno residents—those around the campus and those force...

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