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mark wahlberg, spicy food, yuba river


by rebel green

San jose — Today was the first day I’ve had to myself since leaving Bainbridge and it was so, so nice. I applied for a job at an organization that wasn’t hiring. I bought a dress that almost fits. In the mornin...

Travel, India, hinduism

I'd rather be in Mumbai right now.

by Devanshi Mehta

San jose — I’d rather be in Mumbai right this second, slouching lazily on my apartment couch with bad quality wifi and a children’s book (Matilda to be specific), in my palms. I’d rather be dancing my days away ...

Death, Family, Saying Goodbye

My father died suddenly - or rather, to everyone else his death seemed sudden and unexpected, but for him, it was a long time coming. From the stories that people have shared about their last moments with him, I think he knew his death was imminent. 

by Bernadette Z.

San jose — My father died at the end of February, a week before my mother’s birthday and 3 weeks before his 71st birthday. His health had been very poor in the last year but we all thought he was looking better,...

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