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grapefruit, aging, health

Of Brûléed Grapefruits and Men

by Albert Ocampo

Santa monica — The two older gentlemen were sitting and chatting near us. It was hard to tell what their relationship was, they can’t have known each other that long by the types of things they were talking about. T...

Hospitals, vending machines

Spicy beef burrito from a vending machine. I've been at the hospital for 12 hours, probably 12 more ahead.

by Albert Ocampo

Santa monica — Now, I’m not normally one to eat this sort of thing. A quick survey of any of my social media feeds over the past 10 (or more?) years will testify to my annoying tendencies to document my meals—and mo...

nature, Beaches


by Terri Simon

Santa monica — I drive past the beach everyday rarely if ever do I stop or even pause. Today I stopped to take pause and breathe. How can we appreciate more of what is right before our eyes rather than what we lack...


by silvio Porretta

Santa monica — my name is silvio. what’s yours?

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