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the goodbye blues

by Hedaya Kelani

Sugar land — On the 17th of August, when the sun could be seen at the edge of the horizon and all of our suitcases had been packed, we made our way out to the front of the family apartment. I never liked goodbyes. But it was time. Time to say goodbye to my extended family members, to the stray cats that lingered around our residence, to the nights when the power went out, to the flavored weddings and the mini ...

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Goodbye, Hi

Goodbye, Hi.

by Hedaya Kelani

Sugar land — I really should be doing my homework, but in between the emails and sheets of paper I realised that Hi is closing real soon. I realised that It’ll v a n i s h after tomorrow. I realised that I st...

Rain, Kindness, Umbrella

Umbrella Man

by Hedaya Kelani

Sugar land — The raindrops weren’t just pouring. They were jumping and running and swooshing and straddling around. Rain came out of no where; like a brief rustle of wind in between the trees of a forest. My fami...

writing, Wonder, Thoughts

I avoided writing for weeks. I wondered what my first words would be; how they would sound like.

by Hedaya Kelani

Sugar land — It’s funny. I’ve had this account for a couple of months now and I haven’t written a single word. I keep reading other stories; other moments, wishfully gaping at the wide ranged prompts and flair tha...

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