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Holy Places, meditation

An inelaborate laybrinth.

by Michael Vagnetti

Venice — Cut across by a swath of palm shadow, the laybrinth at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church appears this morning as a kind of existential sundial. There is no guide, no gardener, no gathering crowd. It is made of humbly contrasting brick pavers. Near the entrance, there is a small vault with a stack of modestly printed flyers. They provide one way to approach the maze. Their paper is moist, having been in...

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birds, Fishing

Snow in the Gulf.

by Michael Vagnetti

Venice — In Florida I read Jim Harrison. Even though I’m from Michigan, I read him here. The fisherman looks like an alternate Jim, perhaps, his rod flanking the bill of a dip-fishing snowy egret on the pier....

Architecture, urban planning

Post-historic semi-mansion with globular lamps.

by Michael Vagnetti

Venice — Venezia Park is a historic district, planned by John Nolen in the ’20s. The project collapsed at the end of the decade, along with the rest of the Florida real estate boom. This house is within the d...

Labor, Trees, Beaches

Grooming palms along Golden Beach Boulevard.

by Michael Vagnetti

Venice — If you read around, you can find various discussions about how to take care of palm trees. “When I’ve tried forcing them off too much I’ve torn into the tree a little and I’m sure this is not a good ...

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