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An image and moment to thank Sanna Karlsson with. Hers was on the other side of the planet from here.

by Lloyd Nebres

Wailuku — One is grateful. Particularly for reminders like these. This was my early evening sunshine, blue and green where yours was yellow. I, too, heard the sighing of the wind in the tall elephant grass foregrounding the volcano. The sound that wafted its way uphill the susurration of a town settling into dusk. I am grateful for times like these. I often wonder what this life is like, for someone in a ...

Forests always have stories...

by Lloyd Nebres

Wailuku — October 26, 2014. This would be, by far, the most difficult thing I’ve had to write. So I’ll leave this here for now. I need to gather and contain some needed resources first. But I know I’ve found ...

sky, Thoughts

Sunrise, and one reason to stay :-)

by Lloyd Nebres

Wailuku — Colours so strong and angular they reflected off the matte surface of Ka’ahumanu Avenue down there. Hues and combinations thereof more typically seen at dusk or sunset. Dear Sanna, Your private resp...


...and from this place

by Lloyd Nebres

Wailuku — Sometime in the early ’70s, as an adolescent, I discovered the wider world beyond the Southeast Asian archipelago of 7,000-odd islands on which I had lived; born, in 1960, somewhere in the northern mo...

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