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Woman next to me at the bar ordered a beer and a steak (medium). Then closed tab with a hundred dollar bill before getting her food

by Frank Carnevale

Winter park — She walked outside after settling her tab, but then returned to the bar and had her dinner. She was in her late 30s - early 40s and had a stylized (almost Egyptian) sun tattoo on her upper arm. She seemed like a person who often made the same mistake twice; if not many times. Maybe I’m being harsh… life isn’t easy. The bar / restaurant had a “sports” motif, with bartenders and waitresses (almo...

A maze of twisty turny branches, none alike

by Laura S

Winter park — When trees reach a certain age, like people, their beauty is in their character. Sometimes you can see the scars of life. A limb lost to winter storm, a crown rerouted after fire; each twist in the ba...

Bird, sky

Hawk sitting overhead as I wait at a traffic light

by Frank Carnevale

Winter park — Red-shoulder hawks are the one of the only hawk species that will perch on utility wires, so I’ve been able to identify these birds easily. I seen quite a few perched like so during my year in centra...

Three avocado plants look happy - grown from pits

by Frank Carnevale

Winter park — Moving to Florida has allowed me to garden again. The warm climate, sunny days and lots of rain seem optimal for growing stuff. When we moved here we were eating a lot of avocados, so I wanted to try...

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