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Rendezvous Geometry

by Boryana Dzhambazova

New york — I grew up in a small town in post-communist Eastern Europe, where, as a local song puts it, “there is not much to do besides falling in love”. The next best thing was to hear your friends tell you: “Let’s meet at the Ball.” Located in the heart of the town, the Ball is a crumbling skeleton of a spherical-shaped former fountain. But for many people it’s a special place. It’s the ultimate meeting v...

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Last month, on a hill, or a mountain, I've never taken the time to learn the difference, I was home.

by Danielle Powell

Saint elizabeth parish — Just above the city of Maggoty, in the parish of Saint Elizabeth, on the island of Jamaica, sits a hill. Placed together (never at the same time) are a number of homes crawling up the hillside. At the...

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I've been finding it hard to concentrate on me in this big city. I have this love hate with NY. 

by Cristina Tamez

New york — How do I start thinking about only myself again without being influenced by all this world around me? I find it so hard to listen to myself. The only thing I know for sure is that only when I’m within...

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In 1993, an Alaskan man set the record for heaviest broccoli: a whopping 35 lbs.

by Michelle Ow

New york — When you hear Alaska, chances are the first things you think of include snow, snow dogs, and more snow. Now, add ginormous, monster vegetables to that list. The Alaskan State Fair is a regular showca...

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