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Speed warning

by Marlon Jones

Glasgow — We recently moved from a small town in the countryside to Edinburgh, and my associations with the city, and city life are alluring. Finally, I’m back in the bustle! Already, though, I’ve started hearing what people say about Glasgow: “Glasgow! West is best! Edinburgh’s full of English people!” (The fish and chip man, in our previous town). “Glasgow people can come off as a bit rough and abrup...

cars, Adulthood, Urbanism


by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Völklingen — Nothing prepared you more thoroughly for adulthood than cars. They were big and important, essential even. Owning a car was proof of being an adult, a serious person, someone to be reckoned with. True...

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Tash Parker centres my soul.

by Victoria Wells

Saskatoon — Everyone has an album that they have memorized. Every instrument, every word, inflection. Tash Parker’s Waking Up will always be in my heart. Every sound from this album narrates a part of the last 2 ...

Growing Up, Adulthood, middle school

Think back to the most awkward period in your life. For most of us, that’s our middle school years.

by Maggie H

Brookline — Girls are dealing with becoming “women” as cramps and boobs appear seemingly out of nowhere; boys are dealing with becoming “men” with their arm-pits stinking, their voices cracking, and their bodies ...

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