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#100HappyDays, Balcony garden, shadows

Day 97 #100happydays: Plant shadows

by So-Shan Au

Surbiton — A busman’s holiday for me. It’s a public holiday and I’m reading a manuscript! I came upon the work through the many connections and friendships I’ve made via the Internet (see, it’s not all evil!) Just like the brilliant and talented community I have found on too. Thank you for sharing your moments. The balcony garden was the perfect place to be reading today. Beautiful sunshine and warmth...

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#100HappyDays, Balcony garden, Anxiety

Day 87 #100happydays: Happy place

by So-Shan Au

Surbiton — I was doing so well. I’ve been feeling relaxed and in a holiday haze for the past few weeks, but the toll of daily life has finally hit home. Family stress has made me feel stressed and anxious, and I...

#100HappyDays, Balcony garden, Breakfast

Day 50 #100happydays: Halfway point

by So-Shan Au

Surbiton — It’s the halfway point for my 100 happy days project so the perfect opportunity to reflect on it. I’m enjoying taking a picture a day. It makes me mindful and present of my environment and surrounding...

#100HappyDays, Balcony garden, paper aeroplane

Day 41 #100happydays: Paper aeroplane

by So-Shan Au

Surbiton — Today should have been the day that I met a fellow hi-momenter but alas the trains thwarted our plans, so Christine, we will have to make it third time lucky on your next trip! To counter the disappo...

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