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Escape, Beach

Do you have a safe place?

by Paul Baron

Colleville-montgomery — I don’t mean a safe room in your house, but rather the little spot that your mind withdraws to when you need to escape the ambient craziness, or all the things that keep you from sleeping. I have a safe place. Unsurprisingly, it is mapped to a real location, a spot on a beach in Normandy where I spent most of my summers until adulthood. The day a bout of restless nights led me on a quest for a sa...

Beach, The Ocean


by Sara Ashley

Virginia beach — Yesterday, for no reason at all, the ocean to my right (frigid and frothy, speckled in drizzle and mist, a tide that knows no seasons, but pushes and pulls regardless of sunny, tourist-swamped beaches...

signs, Beach, indigenous knowledge


by David Wade Chambers

Dana point — Which way to the beach? Well, do we really need to ask? It seems to me that, as our culture grows increasingly visual, we see more and more evidence of “semasiographic” modes of communication. “in...

Travel, education, Beach

Piha Beach, where buses roll up and belch out entire classes of beautiful dark-eyed Maori kids on surfing field trips...

by Kimberly Markley

New lynn — First they shimmy into wet suits that turn them into odd seal children, then they lie on their tummies, paddling their boards up and down the eel infested tributary river, before graduating to the oce...

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