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On a bicycle you rarely look back. If you decide to look back anyway, it will be only for a while. You have to look ahead. A philosophy of life?

by Laszlito Kovacs

Amsterdam — That’s a quote from professional cyclist and journalist Guilleme Prébois and it has been my motto ever since I arrived to Amsterdam about 5 years ago. It describes literally what biking is about and also it extends that description to broader terms. It helps me to stay on focus and to let things go. That might be the reason that made me create a tumblr blog of pics of Amsterdammers on bikes, tak...

Travel, Bicycles, childhood


by So-Shan Au

Shenzhen — Whilst on my trip to China, I found myself in Shenzhen, the city my parents are from. It was too good an opportunity not to visit my father’s childhood village. Our driver was pleased to be able to sp...

Bicycles, Mountain Biking, Outdoors

This is why we mountain bike.

by Allan Lazenby

Pisgah forest — One of the perks of working in the bike industry is that our offices can be mobile. We don’t take advantage of this enough, though. Often we end up sitting in some anonymous Starbucks with a vendor,...

Bicycles, Urban

We carve mountains out of the curves and whorls of concrete.

by Allan Lazenby

Greenville — Despite being beat half-to-death and bleeding at the end of our urban downhill rides, I love ‘em more than any other riding that I do. There’s a particular flavor of adrenaline that you get when bomb...

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