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Urban Nature, birds

Sparrow Noise

by Shu Kuge

Tokyo — Near my apartment, there is a big street with an endless row of ginkgo trees, which are symbols of Tokyo. This one near the subway station somehow attracts tons of sparrows from 4:00 to 6:00pm. I sometimes stand beneath the tree, listening to them chirping and chirping. In a matter of a minute, I am mesmerized. And their droppings bring me back to senses.

indigenous, Aboriginal, birds

Sun Comes up like an A-bomb

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — Just wondering if there could be a connection between today’s sunrise and the fact that the temperature is expected to climb to over 100F this afternoon. Possibly something about atmospheric layers o...

Traveling, birds, ecology

San Juan Sans Swallows

by David Wade Chambers

San juan capistrano — My partner Paul (that’s him in the blue Polo shirt) and I have been visiting friends and family up and down the coasts of southern California. This weekend we caught the train in San Juan Capistrano ...

nature, birds, indigenous

I'm so ashamed!

by David Wade Chambers

Olinda — Or at least I probably should be. This picture didn’t turn out well due to my untimely disruption of the courtship ritual of the reclusive Superb Lyrebird. Here I was with camera lens peering throug...

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