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Recording continuity

by Adrian Tribe

London — I love this trivial bit of history, and how great to advertise the fact in the shop window. In areas where there have been shops for generations I reckon this sort of sign ought to be mandatory, so we can all get a sense of perspective and context, understanding more about our place in the flow of history. Sadly this particular shop is now (yet another) café rather than a fishmongers, ...

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history, literature, Blue Plaques

Gone but not forgotten...

by Adrian Tribe

London — I walked past this blue plaque today on my way to a lunchtime meeting (as I do every Wednesday) and finally got round to taking a photo. It seems to me that this is a reminder not just of a great wri...

history, literature, Blue Plaques

In her pre-Frankenstein days...

by Adrian Tribe

London — If Wikipedia is to be believed, then technically Percy and Mary were not married at the time they lived here, so the plaque should probably say Mary Godwin, but I suppose most passers-by wouldn’t then...

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Handy with a baton and bow

by Adrian Tribe

London — Yet another blue plaque in Marchmont Street, this time for the famous conductor and cellist Sir John Barbirolli. Well, famous if you’re above a certain age and/or into classical music! I vaguely rec...

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