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Junkudo proves people are compelled to read books.

by Sho Matsuki

Tokyo — Once a month, right after the payday, tons of people stand in line at Junkudo, my trusty bookstore in Ikebukuro. They have to wait at least 15 minutes. This isn’t a weird ritual. They just want books. Despite of cool ubiquitous technologies, people still read real books.

Train, Rail, Railway

The train lovers book club? Or the book lovers train club?

by Paul B

Liverpool — Something about the sound of the train drifting away draws me into this cheeky little picture! :)

science fiction, young adult, book

I wrote a book. Ella Cerulean, Book 1 of The Connective. Published it and debuted at a convention I've been attending for 15 years.

by Deborah Lanns

Bloomington — My boyfriend, his best friend and I designed, built and hosted a three night party based on the last 3 chapters of my novel. It went over smashingly well. We used quite literally a ton of metal to bui...

liverpool, eating, Food

Tea in the Egg.

by Paul B

Liverpool — This place has so many memories; open mic poetry nights with Samantha, weekend lunches with Laura and Han all back in the day. I remember the last time Sam and I where here, I told her she had a repu...

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