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Boston, Love, harbor

When I grow older, marry me and

by Janet Yeh

Boston — stay up late into the night talking about white sails over cheap wine. Ponder about why there is a gradient of blue that lightens as it hits the horizon, understand briefly that there is a scientific reason, understand that that’s not what I’m talking about. Because somehow, closer to the coast, the sky gets so blue that it makes me thirsty. Contemplate that, and remark on the seasoning of the sa...

Boston, chomsky, privacy

So I'm settling into this new life in Boston pretty well.

by Jessica Schilling

Cambridge — In Boulder, I thought I lived in a community where something was always going on - well, I was, but Cambridge seems to take this to an overclocked embarrassment of riches, and if I venture out of my n...

Boats, City views, Boston

The view from the deck of the Charles W. Morgan. She's visiting Boston for a few days, and I had the lucky privilege of an early-bird tour!

by Jessica Schilling

Boston — The Charles W. Morgan is the oldest surviving whaling ship in the world, and this summer it’s set sail again, after a lengthy restoration process and much work on the part of the folks at Mystic Seapo...

moving, Boston, Boulder

The last of the box of 100 postcards, in the mail. So that they're all postmarked Boulder.

by Jessica Schilling

Boulder — I’ve been sending one of these every weekday to the same man for the better part of a year - taking a break at some part of my work day to draw one out of the box in my desk drawer, pen a silly little...

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