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Quality of Light

by David Wade Chambers

Melbourne — It’s not unusual for members of the Hi community to rave about the quality of light they experience in some corner of the planet. I’ve seen light described as ‘wonderful’, ‘wistful’, ‘beautiful’, ‘soft’, ‘subdued’, ‘harsh’, ‘bleak’, and in one recent sketch ‘amazing’, ‘lovely’, and ‘stunning’. Recently, in the very heart of Melbourne, I was staring idly into the always muddy waters of the Yarra...

bridge, Tunnel, Aqueduct

Iron Trunk Aqueduct - and my nemesis, the horse tunnel.

by Paul Capewell

Milton keynes — This cast iron aqueduct, known as Cosgrove Aqueduct, was built in 1809-1811 by Benjamin Bevan. It carries the Grand Union Canal across the River Ouse (just out of shot to the bottom right). The Grand ...

#100HappyDays, Views From a Car, bridge

Day 7 #100HappyDays: The bridge

by So-Shan Au

Johor bahru — My happy moment today was actually at breakfast when I saw the maitre d pull out the biggest pencil sharpener to sharpen her pencil. She only had a small lectern but it managed to house the biggest ol...

smog, china, bridge

Shanghai smog

by So-Shan Au

Shanghai — Nangpu Bridge, as seen on the merry-go-round ring road in Shanghai

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