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nature, bugs

Flies in the Rose Garden

by Ken Jackson

Duluth — I don’t usually do selfies but these Mayflies were so cute. (Yes, so named even though it’s July). Many, many hitched a ride as I wandered about in the pine barrens next to Lake Superior scouting the ...

ecology, bugs, Humor

Purple versus Emerald Green: Repeat after me "Grasshopper, grasshopper go to hell!"

by Ken Jackson

Duluth — The Emerald Ask Borer: We speak of it so often we need an abbreviation so it will trip more quickly from our tongues - EAB! The Emerald Ash Borer, native to Northern China, has begun to invade Minnes...

poetry, bugs, Terroir

eating dirt

by Chris DeBarr

Portland — i dream of a land big & true 40 acres and a mule into this dreamworld i burrow knowing how far yet i have to go the only thing that may surprise you is that on this land you won’t see me for i am...

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