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Working at a business conference somewhere between genius and insanity.

by Vivien Leung

Montreal — Creativity is an overbuzzed word in the business world. I am working at a conference that boasts itself as “a business conference somewhere between genius and insanity”. As much as I enjoy observing people brainstorming ideas (and taking selfies) in a pool filled with plastic balls, breaking up oversized slabs of chocolate on a table, and being mesmerized by Cirque du Soleil’s grandiose set desi...

Kolkata, India, Travel


by Colin Wright

Kolkata — A friend of mine in Kolkata runs a fashion design company. She comes from an upper-class family, and as such has access to the resources required to start such a venture without too much trouble. Tha...

history, Books, Business

What a shrewd fellow!

by Adrian Tribe

London — This is the cover page of my father’s copy of The Bishop’s Bible, 1588 edition (which makes it 426 years old this year). This Bible was produced in an attempt to replace the Geneva Bible, which was t...

Business, religion, Thoughts

The Business Religious Class

by Binu Alex

Alibag — Few years ago I happened to read a piece by Calev Ben-David in Bloomberg News about Jews. There was nothing revealing though but I gave a thought of Jews being compared to Gujaratis or Marwaris. All ...

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