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Mating Season in Aireys Inlet

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — I searched on the internet for a collective noun for jaguars and was told “There is no collective noun specifically for jaguars since jaguars are solitary creatures. The only time you will see more than one jaguar is during mating season.” So, I guess it’s mating season.

cars, traffic, Commutes

Concert in the car!

by Christine Herrin

Quezon city — Stuck in traffic. Again. (When are you not stuck in traffic when you drive in Manila, anyway?) I know these roads so well, but I never know what to expect each time I drive by. Speeding (!) buses. ...

science fiction, cars

Time Travel

by David Wade Chambers

Torquay — When Marty McFly traveled through time in the movie Back to the Future, his mentor Dr. Emmet “Doc” Brown supplied him with a DeLorian DMC-12, especially modified for the job. The DeLorian was conside...

cars, War, transportation

Chariots of fire

by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Völklingen — During battle, the enemy couldn’t defeat us. But in a most unfortunate turn of events, some of our venerable chariots were stolen from us. In typical fashion, the enemy took what was ours while we sat...

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