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Capital of culture?

by Steve Dearden

Leeds — Here are the cultural players of Leeds sitting around tables with white table cloths at an open meeting to discuss whether Leeds should apply to be the European Capital of Culture 2023. Just a discussion, there is no food on the tables yet. I went because I work a lot in Leeds. I also went for the anthropology, to observe the funding sharks, the moaners and naysayers, the policy airbags, the boo...

Museums, Architecture, Changing cities

New technology of exhibition remembers the old.

by David Wade Chambers

Melbourne — Side by side in the old Carlton Gardens stand the new Melbourne Museum and the old Exhibition Building. I don’t want to sound like a tourist promoter, but anyone planning a few days in Melbourne coul...

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Not one moment, 94 moments ...

by Steve Dearden

Wakefield — In 94 days the next Wakefield Litfest will start. There are 94 sections in Wakelost Wakefound, my commission as the Festival’s 2013/14 Writer in Residence. Part online novella, part photo essay, it f...

Changing cities

Grand Central Market is changing.

by Kim Bui

Los angeles — This place used to be all small shops and food stands. Some were OK. Some were great. In the past year, Grand Central has been adding what I call “hipster” tenants, the latest of which is EggSlut. Eg...

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