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The sirens came abruptly. It was one in the morning and the window by our bed was still open.

by Russell Schindler

Ann arbor — Rain came spilling through the mesh screen that separated us from the madness outside. The thunder and lightning seemed to run on an endless loop. We sunk deeper into the bed, hid further and further beneath the covers. I had been reading too many World War II novels. Do you think it’s an air raid? The sirens were a high pitched squeal. The whole city was awake. Who could sleep through something ...

chaos, Travel, calm

The calm after the storm came late this time

by Abraham Metta

Singapore — Normally flight prep is relatively calm. Today, it was all very hurried (late wake up, hurried taxi, long queue). The calm came only as I was on the jetty to the plane. Now, 7 hours of forced disconn...

#100HappyDays, views from a plane, chaos

Day 47 #100HappyDays: Hello Jakarta!

by So-Shan Au

Tangerang — Another day, another city. Today, a country and city I have not visited before so I was excited to see what it was like. I’d not heard many good things about it, either from people who have lived ther...

chaos, Mothers, Tender Hands

With a Mouth as Wide

by rebel green

Bainbridge island — For those times you raised your hand at me but stopped yourself, I thank you. And for those times you couldn’t, I forgive you. I’m grown now and know the bottle’s bite See how seconds of a clock fa...

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