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Church, Mass, Cake

Tacky cakes > Communion wafers

by Colin Wright

Columbia — I was raised Catholic. Any time I tell someone that, I can feel them thinking, “And what are you now?” Because it’s understood that very few people raised within The Church stay with The Church because The Church forces you to give up all your Sunday mornings, leaving you with less time to play video games and watch cartoons. I taught Sunday school for a while, before I came out as an atheist. I...

Church, ritual

"What made you want to go back to church?"

by Stephanie Marie

Greenville — It’s one of those things you just can’t ever quit— save a traumatic experience. The Catholic Church is so rich in ritual that after a few decades of immersion, you can’t quite shake it. Innate Cathol...

Travel, Historical Site, Church

Finding Frescos

by Ser Chim Lee

Göreme — We did not know where to look. It was a mess. The eyes were gouged out. There were missing limbs. Some of the faces were unrecognisable. We were not describing a war zone. We have stepped into an old ...

Church, village, Architecture

Preston Deanery

by Paul Capewell

Northampton — St Peter & St Paul is a hidden gem, located in the tiny hamlet of Preston Deanery (pop. 51), just to the south of the urban sprawl of Northampton. Its tower appears amongst trees and fields as yo...

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