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New Digs: Santa Fe Style V

by David Wade Chambers

Santa fe — Each year about this time, we pull up stakes from Australia and make our way to Santa Fe, New Mexico, my favorite city in North America. It’s the oldest capital city in the US, founded by the Spanish a little over ten years before the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock. More to the point, this area has been continuously occupied by Pueblo peoples for more than a thousand years. Twenty one Pueblo...

Rain, city, Thoughts

The urban summer rain

by Ricardo Magalhães

London — It begins with a drop. Then a long, very long pause. The urban Summer rain feels unexpected. You feel it to be a bit more wet in the skin, compared to that predictable winter rain which hits your umb...

water, city, waiting

Amsterdam: once a while you'll arrive late at your work because a boat crosses your road

by Joost van der Ree

Amsterdam — This city consists of 90 islands. Divided by water, connected with bridges. 1500 to be precise. These bridges are made to enable different ways of transportation: cars, trains, busses, trams, scooter...

city, Wandering, London

Because it's the big city.

by Ricardo Magalhães

London — While wandering around London, I find myself wondering as well. The ones carrying their luggage on the underground, the ones carrying a backpack on the anonymous crowded streets of Central London — a...

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