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Under a canopy of Sakura — we capture — we reflect.

by Ryan Ruel

Tokyo — Likely a reflection of my advancing age, but never have I been so aware of the passage of time than I have during my life here in Japan. The melting pot of seasonal American traditions get diluted between its coastlines and the temperamental weather, especially in the midwest, leads no season delineated. In Japan, seasons can change overnight. That change is celebrated and welcomed with a myriad ...

City Life

San Francisco Days--

by Shu Kuge

San francisco — Since I got here earlier this month, I’ve been drawing a lot. As a cartoonist, I try to simplify things to their pleasurable elements. Resist realism. Think about how to re-design the world. Enjoy. Do...

City Life

And so the love affair begins. I think.

by Dani Z

San francisco — I think I’m falling in love with San Francisco. Here are the reasons why: 1) if a man in golden leotard were to walk down the street with a small dog there is a good chance someone would make a comme...

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Subway tunes

by Christine Herrin

Cambridge — It was a perfect day in Boston. A little too warm for what I was wearing (the weather said thunderstorms! I looked like a silly person in a sweater and boots in the 26°C sun.) The itinerary was simpl...

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