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Winter, Food, Cold

Beginning a -17° winter day.

by Ken Jackson

Duluth — With -17° outside, I dig into the freezer for a remembrance of last summer: strawberries picked at the berry farm and blueberries from a Duluth hillside. I add some oat bran, yogurt, milk, vegetable p...

Dogs, Cold, pets

On Hoth, no one can hear your shame.

by Allan Lazenby

Duncan — Every time the news media mentioned this mass of frozen bile called the Polar Vortex (and this has been a lot, lately), I immediately thought of old Lovecraft stories. All those clutching, frozen fin...

Winter, Cold, Shock

Home: a gratitude practice to offset the shock of going from +25C to -38C with windchill in the past 24 hours

by Lia Pas

Saskatoon — Our son has become an intelligent, thoughtful, resourceful, and responsible young man. Our house is clean and at the moment, bug-free. At the moment there are no mosquitoes. We have drinkable tap wate...

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