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Intimate Strangers

by Shu Kuge

Tokyo — When you travel alone, strangers talk to you and share something intimate about their lives. But they are not talking to you. They are trying to talk to their dead mothers, estranged fathers, disloyal friends, and their old selves.

#100HappyDays, balcony gardening, communication

Day 29 #100happydays: Kohl rabi

by So-Shan Au

Surbiton — A quiet day today. I realised that I hadn’t spoken to a soul, except the FedEx man who was delivering a parcel for my neighbour, yet I was communicating with people all over the world, via email, What...


Yesterday I jumped over three holes in the ground, the third one made my phone fly out of my pocket.

by Rok Pregelj

Ljubljana — The screen only got chipped at the top left side but it seems that’s enough for the phone not to work anymore. My Strava ride didn’t matter anymore. I wasn’t too bummed out. I knew I only had to take...

conversation, Questions, communication

I've Figured Out The Secret To Asking Questions

by Samuel Rafuse

Saskatoon — Well, maybe not the “secret” exactly, but I’ve gotten way better at holding a conversation than I used to be. I’ve always been introverted, I think, although I have a very strange manic energy when I’...

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