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The fact of having a body

by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Tübingen — When I saw the stage, my heart sank. It was all black, and observing the dancers go through their warm ups in rather dark, casual attire convinced me light and contrast would be scarce commodities that evening. But an assignment is an assignment, and I decided to just hope for the best. The dancers’ clothing for the real dress rehearsal was casual too, but way more camera friendly than what they ...


I can give up any time I want. You know, I don't really have to spend my hard-won weekends sweating in sprung-floor studios, declining invitations from friends.

by sophie knight

Tokyo — Born without rhythm, it wasn’t really any surprise it took me so long to (misguidedly) decide I wanted to start dance. Like your first foreign language, it’s ill-advised to start late in life: it’s n...

Santa Fe Style, Dance

A Night at the Ballet: Santa Fe Style VIII

by David Wade Chambers

Santa fe — We had a wonderful night at the Ballet recently. The dancing was inspired; the choreography (by Jiri Kylian and 2 others) was riveting; and I was especially impressed by how much the lighting and bac...

spring, Dance, gardens

A Dance to Spring

by David Wade Chambers

Olinda — I don’t know who created this delightful piece. We found it positioned as you see it on the dining table in a Dandenong Ranges rental cottage near Melbourne. It’s spring here, all the gardens ablaze...

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