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nature, Celebration, Dawn

The Dawn of Thanksgiving

by Ken Jackson

Duluth — Before sunup, just after first light, I walked to the water to share the dawn of this Thanksgiving Day with the mighty Lake Superior. Waves broke on the beach, a insistent wind blew lake smoke off the...

Dawn, Skyline, Silhouette

Dawn, and the silhouette of All Saints Pavement

by Paul Capewell

York — “The elegant lantern on top of the tower is visible from many parts of the city. It was built around 1400. Throughout the mediaeval period, the light was kept burning at night to guide travellers int...

Rainbow, Dawn

Beauty and the beast

by Adrian Tribe

London — I managed to take this quick snap out of my office window first thing this morning, before the clouds moved aside and the rainbow disappeared. Although not very clear, it is actually a double rainbow...

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