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When design is not responsive....

by Samuel Alomenu

Accra — This is the Bush highway in Accra. And if you are guessing why it’s called the Bush highway: It was named after the American president called Bush. I think it is the second Bush. If you’re wondering how Ex-president Bush got a major highway in Accra named after him, don’t think too hard. Money can buy anything. And the ex-president Bush, gave the Ghana government free money, and that’s how. But...

Design, Typography

Seeing it in print:One joy of a designer is the chance encounter with something you did.

by Roger Black

Hong kong — THE FIRST reaction is delight. The second is a little discomfort due to the context you find it in. The third is a little disgruntlement over the execution, production values, or things you had no con...

mini moments, drawing, Design

I was getting frustrated with the sketch, then I heard a voice behind me say, "Oh, hey, that looks great!"

by Christine Herrin

San francisco — “… Thanks,” I said, turning around, and lo and behold: Dave Eggers. By now Randy’s looked up from his screen too, subtly pulling his earphones off, putting Beyonce on pause. Maria smiles and intr...

Design, Fiction, Daydreams

The daydreams of a book designer

by Robin Rendle

Reading — She spent her days ordering circles, squares and rectangles of color on a page. In her dreams however, in that alternate universe where she might become anything else at a moment’s notice, she believe...

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