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Dreams, Graduate School, Life of a student

Dreams within dreams and anxiety attacks: hello finals week!

by Christine Herrin

San francisco — Last week, in the middle of my Branding class, our graduate director stopped by for some announcements, and later pulled me aside. (I thought I was in trouble.) “Christine, I have an unusual request.” He was going to film a short video for the AIGA on Monday morning and needed my help drawing a fake tattoo on his arm. Hmm, unusual, indeed. “I figured you had pretty good handwriting,” he said. A ...

drawing, Friends, Dreams

When you can't help a friend

by From Sand To Sky

Tokyo — I drew this in my sketchbook when I was in Tokyo last week. It’s a picture of my friend from Kobe, who has been at university in Tokyo for the last 4 years. Everytime I’m in Tokyo we try to catch up a...

Iceland, Dreams, mountains

Dreaming in and on.

by Ricardo Magalhães

Reykjavik — Waking up by the Icelandic mountains was quiet and sweet. “I’ve had dreams which felt soft as wool”, I remember thinking shortly after waking up. It may have been because of the constant sights of sh...

Military, Dreams, Ceremonies

A first salute and a silver dollar

by Christine Herrin

San luis obispo — I went on a quick getaway this past weekend to attend my nephew’s graduation. I say nephew but he’s five years older than me, but that’s another story. I’ve never been to a military graduation before...

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