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Bridges, exploring, Friends

Wobbly legs, welcoming friends, wondrous views.

by Dan Rubin

Seattle — Instagram is a curious place1: It connects people through stories told via images — one at a time and over the course of time — and those 640 pixels squared2 can say far more than 1000 words. After following a selection of talented residents of the Pacific Northwest for some time and becoming familiar with the sights and faces regularly cycling through their lives, I had the pleasure of meeting m...

exploring, sheep, walking

When we entered this field, the sheep seemed to be heading our way. At first we were slightly concerned...

by Paul Capewell

Buckingham — At first they had been grazing nonchalantly over to one side of the field. But of course, the minute we climbed over the stile into their territory, their interest was piqued. They made cautious progr...

summer, exploring, Memories

Exploring the cabin as thunder shakes the sky

by Jonathon Reed

Nipissing, unorganized, south part — The rain started. At the junction of Potter’s Creek and Joe Lake, forked lightning struck with a crack of thunder following just a few seconds later. Without hesitation, we headed for an old dock acro...

photography, exploring, City walks

The details are telling me something

by Eduardo Kolberg

Curitiba — When I went to a city walk some days ago, I was in front of this historic building. I got my camera and I decided to take some pictures. And I realised that are some places that I usually pass through...

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