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Food, Friends, festivals

A sugary aftermath

by Dani Z

Barcelona — “The feathers are from the naked man. They cover him in honey and feathers and then they take him around town, in a box that he jumps in and out of, like a jack in the box, spreading feathers everywhere.” I was in Vilanova, a town about an hour and a half outside of Barcelona and it was Carnival weekend. My friend, A., who is from Vilanova was trying to explain the mounds of fluffy white feathers...


Frozen Man: It's like a cold Burning Man

by Kevin Kelly

Haerbin — This winter I found myself at the Harbin Ice Festival in northern China, near the border with Russian Siberia. It was a long trip there. I flew over the white vastness of Siberia in winter. For as far...

Tour de France, Cycling, festivals

Which way now?

by Steve Dearden

Keighley — Ever since the Tour de France rode over this bit of Yorkshire last year, I’ve been holding onto that picture for a Which Way Now/What Next? piece on how the people who sort the sports and the arts in ...

writing, festivals, Rivers

The Humber Mouths

by Steve Dearden

Hull — I spent the weekend at the mouth of The Humber river in Hull. People talk of the north bank and the south bank. Hull is on the north bank and has arguably the best named literature festival in the wor...

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