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Found Objects, Perspective, Walking the dog

Don't forget me when I'm gone...

by Shay Darrach

Toronto — I want to send this to all my friends. I’m not good at keeping in touch, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten you.

Found Objects

When does a book cease to be a book?

by Shay Darrach

Toronto — What are the intrinsic qualities of a book? What defines its bookishness? If you can no longer read the words, but can still discern the medium, is it still a book? Or does it cease to have its meani...

Walking the dog, Found Objects

Objects found while walking the dog: n+3

by Shay Darrach

Toronto — People leave the weirdest shit in the park: fortune symbols, plastic dinosaurs, a discarded baby stroller. And that’s not even in the playground corner.

Morning, Found Objects, Walking the dog

Objects found while walking the dog: n+2 in a series.

by Shay Darrach

Toronto — Sometimes random things conspire to look organized: a fluorescent arrow, a discarded orange glove, the dog’s rubber boots. Coincidence or that thing where you see patterns in chaos? Morning musings a...

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