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Christmas, France

All I want for Christmas is a designer letterbox!

by Adrian Tribe

Montreuil — In April 2008 we spent a week in Doudeauville, northern France, during which time we visited Montreuil. This is where I spotted this freshly-painted front door. The bold contrasting colours are just wonderful! I seem to remember that everything else was fairly drab. I wonder if it caused any difficulty with the neighbours?!

Holidays, France, Memories

That holiday seems so long ago...

by Adrian Tribe

Tollent — My wife is the one in our family who remembers places, not me. Place names, that is. I can remember views, even bends in roads. But place names? No, I’m hopeless! But just occasionally I do remember...

France, climbing, Travel

Hotel F1 Nemours. Hangout of the work-away tradesmen, white vans lining the car park. Fantastic showers and pasta pots in the microwave.

by Ellie Barnes

Nemours — The F1 chain, a national treasure of France. Glowing price signs pull guests from motorways to the friendly comfort of tired workers stacked for the night in identical box rooms. Just what is necessar...

Travel, ferry, France

The romanticism of leaving somewhere on a boat, will never fade.

by Pete Barr-Watson

Dieppe — But, the expectation and hopefulness of all things to come when arriving somewhere new by boat is by far and away the most indelible feeling of having travelled somewhere you can get I think.

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