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City views, Moving Forward, Growing Up

This is the view I woke up to every morning for last one year & now it's time to say goodbye...

by Arushi Chopra

Pune — My favourite part on any given day would be to get up early (not too early) in the morning, make a cuppa (or not) and sit on the stairs adjacent to my room on the third floor of the hostel, where the cold breeze inevitably blows, no matter how blazing is the sun (early mornings never disappointed me). I could sit here and meditate or just sit here and look endlessly, catch the sunset once in a wh...

Swimming, Growing Up

This used to be me. Not literally me. But, me back when I was competitively swimming. Looking at the board

by eileen gittins

Healdsburg — to find my next event: what heat what lane? Please dear god lane four lane four lane four lane four, please please please lane four lane four. Aaack. Lane six. OK. Lane six. Lane six. Crap. I hate th...

Change, Growing Up, Homes

We are buying an apartment and leaving the city.

by Kenneth Cooke

New york — I can’t say that it’s the order of operations one usually imagines. I certainly didn’t. After all, apartments are the essence of city living. I always hoped it would be a house we’d leave for. But reg...

Growing Up, Memory, lost

forever in darkness

by Samantha Harrington

Chapel hill — Been playing with watercolors and people. Playing with memory too I guess. Color’s in the past. It streaming behind us, an endless reel of people, places and emotion. I don’t know what comes next....

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