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Halloween - the only thing other than drag shows and Vegas that fuels the cheetah-print economy.

by Allan Lazenby

Greenville — This year, I decided that I’d finally had enough of sitting at home on Halloween. It felt odd to make that a conscious decision. I definitely didn’t make a conscious effort to sit on my ass, eat candy, and watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” for the past three years. That lamentable situation grew organically out of the soil of Poor Planning sown with the seed of Being 30ish. See, I...



by Andrew Pratt

Washington — Our dog peed on a bag in the dining room and as punishment, he had to wear the shark costume for trick-or-treaters. Lucky them!

Celebration, Halloween

As far as I can trace them, many of my ancestors were the fierce Ulster Scots, who later became the Scots-Irish and settled in Appalachia.

by Kristen Taylor

New york — The Celtic harvest festival Sawhain that begins at sunset tonight halved their year, and revelries around bonfires with apples and spirits played in a liminal space on this occasion of ushering out th...


Halloween arrives at Maps.com: Staff arrive to find massive spider invasion underway.

by Rob Burns

Goleta — There were screams to be heard from every corner this morning as folks arrived at the Maps.com offices in Goleta to discover that office equipment, chairs and desks had been infested by giant man-eati...

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